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Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design Degree Program

Enhance your communication skills with our affordable Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Technology and Design Degree Program in concentration to Social Media Management. Learn to craft impactful messages and achieve organizational goals in today’s media landscape.

Explore advertising, public relations, branding, and more in a career-focused program. Master multimedia platforms, online advertising, and social media strategies. Develop plans and tools to measure results. Unleash your potential in strategic communication with us!

Major Courses

Credit Hours: 3
Fundamentals of the distinct writing requirements, styles, and formats of social, online, broadcast, print and other platforms used in strategic communication; emphasis on context, storytelling, and audience understanding. Fall, Spring.

Credit Hours: 3
Broad survey of strategic communication practice, emphasizing advertising and public relations in the context of integrated brand promotion.

Credit Hours: 3
Course introduces students to the world of interactive online advertising. It surveys a variety of important topics, from integrating social media initiatives into the overall marketing communications plan to online display ads to developing an effective search engine advertising/marketing strategy.

Credit Hours: 3
Advanced strategic writing forms and styles. Practice in preparation of strategic messages for various platforms of communication, including paid, earned, shared, and owned. Students will develop skills in information gathering, writing styles, editing, critical thinking, storytelling, and audience analysis. Prerequisites: STCM 2143 & STCM 3003, STCM 3023, or STCM 3043.

Credit Hours: 3
An advanced course focusing on the theoretical, contextual and practical natures of persuasive images in the context of strategic communication.

Credit Hours: 3
Study of recent advertising cases and campaigns involving business, industry, institutions and government. Students create a comprehensive advertising campaign for a given client.

Credit Hours: 3
Analysis of laws, regulations, and ethical considerations affecting the strategic communication industry.

Credit Hours: 3
Course examines concepts and applications of social media within mass communications, news, advertising and public relations industries. We will explore and apply social media tools, integrating them into an organization’s overall communication strategy.

Credit Hours: 3
Social media strategies are grounded in the generation of meaningful, tangible data and the ability to prove positive Return on Investment (ROI) based upon insights garnered from the analysis of social media metrics. It is essential to measure and improve social media ROI while developing advertising, public relations and integrated marketing communications campaigns on social media. This course is aimed to build and maintain your case through learning what kind of measurement mechanisms to employ, identifying what data points are meaningful, manipulating social media data, and examining the impact of social media analytics on the development of social media strategies.

Credit Hours: 3
Course is a study of recent strategic communication cases involving business, industry, institutions and government. Students conduct a comprehensive strategic communication case study for a given client.

Credit Hours: 3
Study and practice in planning strategic communication campaigns for business, industry, institutions, and government. Students create a comprehensive strategic communication campaign for a given client.

Credit Hours: 3
Field-based experience in a supervised setting that will enhance strategic communication knowledge and skills.

Students must complete the following courses and 9 elective credit hours in Media and/or Communication.

Student must take either STCM 4753 or STCM 4763.

Total Credit Hours: 120

Admissions Requirement

10th, 11th, and 12th Grade Transcripts with a GPA of 2.3/4.0.

High School Certificate with a percentage no less than 77-79%.

Proof of English Proficiency (5.5 IELTS or 61 TOEFL).

Career Paths

Graduates of the bachelor of science digital technology & design in concentration to social media management program will be prepared for the following roles:

Social Media Strategist

A social media strategist is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive social media plan, engaging with the audience, analyzing data, and contributing to the overall brand strategy. They play a pivotal role in building and maintaining a positive online presence for a brand or organization.

Communications Manager

A professional responsible for overseeing an organization's communication strategies and ensuring that messages align with its goals and values. Effective communication is crucial for building and maintaining a positive organizational image, and a Communications Manager plays a central role in achieving these objectives.

Marketing Specialist

A Marketing Specialist is a professional who focuses on executing and implementing various marketing strategies and tactics to promote a product, service, or brand.

Digital Marketer

A Digital Marketer is a professional specializing in utilizing digital channels, platforms, and technologies to implement marketing strategies and achieve business objectives.

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